Paris, France / 12-13 September 2024
PharmaSynergyOTC: CHC, OTC, dermo-cosmetics & nutraceuticals
London / 5-6 March 2025
PharmaSynergy 2025
London / 8-9 February 2024
PharmaSynergy: Rx, VAMS, branded, niche medicines

About us

Lynx2Market is a privately-owned life-sciences events and conferences organiser committed to helping executives that are working in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, and who are looking to grow their businesses in emerging and fast-changing markets. We bring together like- minded people who create a supporting network of market knowledge and quality connections that allow companies to achieve their commercial ambitions.

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Our approach

We invest in the ideas for the product that the clients believe would help to solve their business issues and we work alongside the clients throughout the event cycle to produce a unique product – the one that is created and fine-tuned to the highest quality possible with the help of our customers.

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